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Goldsmith Hall

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Director’s Message:

Director’s Message


The academic year 2018 has already dawned   and brought celebrations for SIMS family, celebrations of five successful   years since its inception. It is certainly a time of joy and merriment for all of   us at SIMS…..It also gives us a chance to do introspection and raise the bar   level a little higher to accomplish more, to achieve more.The students and   parents have been waiting patiently for the addition of swimming pool and   this academic year has brought them the long awaited news……The pool is   ready to be used by SIMS children from April 2017. Great News, isn’t it?The   school website has also been given a new look and new features are being   added.I am happy that the academic team has been putting its best effort   into making learning experiences real joyful and meaningful which   ultimately  has resulted in happy faces of children. And I think that matters   more, that children at SIMS are happy and they love to come to school.In an   environment of love and acceptance and in the absence of fear, the children   are going to become their genuine selves.Children are our valuable assets   and  we need to invest in their future. As parents you will need to invest   quality time with them and be patient listener. Together as parents and as   school, let us bring out the best hidden potential in our children and help   them fulfill the aspirations of the society. “Success is a journey, not a   destination”.

 May the Almighty help and guide us in fulfilling our   Dream that we ‘Dared to Dream’ for our young generation! Amen

 “Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but   by the opposition you have encountered and the courage   with which you have maintained the struggle against   overwhelming odds.”

 (Dr.) Anis Ahmad





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